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This is Earth.

But not Earth as you may know it. This is Earth-1382. If a travel guide were to be written about Earth-1382 by someone from Earth-1, it would probably remark on just how ordinary everything is.

Ordinary in that there are few news reports of caped vigilantes. Ordinary in that there few battles with costumed heroes and no such battles that level buildings, city blocks, or even cities. Ordinary in that, so far as anyone knows, this Earth has never been in danger of any sort of catastrophic, external threat.

No one has ever made contact with Themyscira on Earth-1382. At least, no contact has been documented, and there are no records of a Diana Prince.

Krypton-1382 was destroyed. There were no survivors. There is no Clark Kent, the orphan of Krypton-1382, raised on Earth-1382.

Without a Superman on Earth-1382, the evil plots of Lex Luthor aren’t any more nefarious than that of any other corrupt, wealthy, business mogul purchasing the favor of elected officials and subverting tax codes and political processes to consolidate their own power.

Earth-1382 won’t stay this way for too much longer.

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